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Marcus Andrade


About Marcus

Based out of Houston, Texas, entrepreneur Marcus Andrade is a blockchain and digital currency professional. He is the CEO and Founder of AML BitCoin, previously known as Aten Coin. This revolutionary coin was structured to be compliant with anti-money laundering, anti-terrorism and anti-terrorist financing laws, bank secrecy laws, know-your-customer laws, and anti-financial crime laws both in the United States and abroad. 

Marcus first became fascinated with Bitcoin and digital currency back in 2009. While he had grandiose visions of what digital currency could be, he grew to understand that for every positive attribute the technology possessed, there was an equal shortcoming. It became his mission to find solutions to them. 

Prior to his involvement in the tech industry, Marcus Andrade enlisted in the Marine Corps. During his time with them, he attended Coastal Carolina Community College, where he studied Computer Programming. He also attended the United States Marine Corps Institute, Del Mar College in Corpus Christi, and Grantham University. When he left the Marine Corps, Marcus began a position within the oil and gas industry, working offshore as a production operator. Within a few years, he was running his own facility in Bay City, Texas. 

During this time, Marcus began dabbling in tech again, working on development and programming on the side, and eventually stumbled into the world of Bitcoin. He quickly realized that, while promising, digital currency posed a lot of security flaws and issues in general. Marcus Andrade began creating his own digital currency exchange. In 2012, after a lot of hard work and research, AtenCoin (now AML BitCoin) was born, featuring biometrics as a brilliant solution to many of digital currency’s security flaws. CrossVerify, one of Marcus’ other companies, owns a (pending) patent on the biometrics product, which has garnered the attention of military organizations and law enforcement.

In addition to AML BitCoin and CrossVerify, Marcus has been the Chief Architect and CEO of a myriad of digital currency projects, including EcoinsTrader, a website that monitors and detects suspicious activity related to digital currency transactions, and AtenTacker, an application that continuously monitors and lists leading digital currencies and their most current prices. He has developed AtenPay, an extension of AtenCoin that allows businesses the ability to accept the currency as a viable payment source for services and goods. 

The revolutionary work Marcus Andrade has contributed to the digital currency market has been recognized by many industry organizations. He has been invited to present on the subject to the Chicago Kent School of Law and has worked with Ivan Franco University in Ukraine, where he worked with the institution to develop scholarships for law students interested in digital currency and BitCoin.

To learn more about Marcus and his entrepreneurial endeavors, please visit his blog.